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Fun Father's Day Ideas!

Father’s Day 19th June 2022

Looking for some fun and fabulous ideas to celebrate Father’s Day with your little ones? Well look no further; here come FIVE FAB THINGS TO DO ON FATHER’S DAY!

Long-time blog readers will know that I’m an avid National Trust supporter and, whenever and wherever possible really, I try to get out and about and visit some of the amazing grounds and properties in the Trust’s care. So, it perhaps won’t come as a surprise to some, that first up in my fab five is:


A safe-haven for parents across the country, I think National Trust properties are absolute God-sends when it comes to organising a day out with small children in tow. There is something very comforting about the ‘known quantity’ of the National Trust: you know there’s going to be enough space for the kids to run about, you know there’s going to be a loo, and a somewhere to get a snack; depending on where you go, there might be a playground, or a beach, or a trail to do, but what is certain is that, wherever you are, the family-friendly nature that is embedded in the whole organisation, pretty much guarantees you a happy family day out.

So, if you’re looking for something to do this Father’s Day, I’d say your local National Trust is a good place to start; particularly as the Trust is putting on some pretty cool events for the weekend itself and you can get involved in a range of activities and celebrations designed for the whole family!

From fishing in the iconic Ightam Mote in Kent, to trying your hand at archery in the grounds of Lancashire’s Rufford Old Hall, there seems to be something for everyone. If you choose to visit Coughton Court in Warwickshire, you’ll find a family duck race day full of traditional games, whereas anyone headed to Newark Park in Gloucestershire can enjoy tea, cake and card-making!

You can find out about the National Trust’s Father’s Day Events HERE.


Young or old, everyone enjoys the luxury of having breakfast in bed and Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to do this.

It doesn’t have to be a gourmet dinner service, even just a piece of toast made with love (and, of course, accompanied by a cup of tea!) goes a long way to show someone that you care.

Get the kids involved and have fun with it; if you’re stuck for ideas, there are some yummy options to inspire you HERE.


Father’s Day is great time to learn about, and celebrate, the life (and the loathes and loves) of a different generation. So, why not sit down with the ‘dad’ figure in your life and make a playlist together of your favourite songs?

What songs were topping the charts in your respective birth years, what music did they walk down the aisle to? Which songs do they not like? Do you have any songs that you mutually loathe?

Sharing musical memories like this is something can be enjoyed by the whole family and you’ll end up with a really unique playlist, showcasing a wealth of experience and memories: Littlest’s favourite CBeebies tune will sit comfortably alongside Dad’s penchant for The Pet Shop Boys and Grandad’s Beatlemania.


I think even the most stone-hearted of dads would be pretty thrilled to receive something that the smallest person in their life has made for them, and so, Father’s Day crafting will ALWAYS feature on my Fab Five.

Those of you with Catkin Club membership will already have seen some of the adorable Father’s Day activities that Kimberley has created for your little ones to do, but this month, don’t worry if you’re not a member, because you can get your hands on a FREE Father’s Day activity from the Catkin website (HERE).

Whatever you choose to have the kids get crafty with (making cards, pottery-painting, baking, drawing etc.) it’s sure to be a hit with Dad because it’s a completely unique snapshot of a moment in their fatherhood journey, made with love.


Have a Father’s Day movie night. You could host at home and snuggle up on the sofa with some popcorn, or sit round the fire pit with blankets and enjoy a film under the stars in the comfort of your own garden.

If you’d rather venture out, then head to your local cinema and see what their listings are for Sunday 19th. With Jurassic Park, the Top Gun film, Downton Abbey and Doctor Strange all playing this month, there’s bound to be something to cater to most tastes!

However you get your big screen fix, it’s a given to say that the flick itself should, really, be Dad’s choice!

Aaaaaaand, that’s my Fab Five! How are you spending Father’s Day? Let me know in the comments below or over on any of the Catkin Toys social media channels!


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