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We're going on 
a bear hunt!

Activity 5 - Bear Hunt_edited.png

A great practical activity to explore common concepts such as initial sounds and number. 

Full instructions included!

Post Time!

_Activity 2 - Welcome Post Box_edited.jpg

An interactive game for learning colours, numbers and more! 

Full instructions included!

Animal Action

Activity 4 - Animal Actions Cards.png

Can you hop like a bunny? This activity will have the whole family  in stitches! 

Full instructions included!

Animal Matching

Activity 1 - Animal Matching.png

This activity involves matching the farm animal to its correct place on the base board. 

Full instructions included!


Activity 3 - Number Sense.png

A great way to introduce numbers from 1 to 5 or 1 to 10. 

This activity really helps children to understand that a number has a value. 

Full instructions included!

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