Waitlist Resources

Thank you for joining our waitlist! 
Here are a few resources to keep you going until the doors reopen!

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Safari Matching Cards

safari matching.jpg

Match the parent and child of these safari animals. 

Why not print multiple copies for a game of snap? Or turn the cards over and use memory skills to match pairs. 


Newborn Contrast Cards


Perfect for, tracing with your finger, use with a pen or for playdough! 

It is great for children to see and experience the different letters of the alphabet!

British Birds Flashcards


10 engaging, practical activity cards to support mark making at home. 

No printer required for any activities and each one can be done quickly and easily with few resources!


Shape matching.jpg

Match the shapes to their place on the base board. 

A great way to identify shape and size. Includes multiple stages for various ages and full instructions. 


Farm Animal
Matching Cards


Match the parent to the child with these adorable farm cards!

Why not take yours on a trip to the local farm? 

Farm 3
Part Cards

Animal 3 Part Cards.jpg

3 Part Cards are the perfect progressive activity for your child.

They can be used in so many ways and full instructions are provided!