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FREE Catkin Club Resources

Catkin Club has helped so many parents transform their play activities. Not only is each resource purposeful and engaging, but so quick and easy to set up.
No longer will you have to stress about finding ideas! 

These 6 resources are a drop in the ocean of the wonderful resources you can find as a Catkin Club member and I truly hope you enjoy using them as much as I enjoyed creating them. 

Don't forget to tag us @CatkinToys on social media. It makes our day to see your incredible play!

Safari Matching Cards

safari matching.jpg

Match the parent and child of these safari animals. 

Why not print multiple copies for a game of snap? Or turn the cards over and use memory skills to match pairs. 


Newborn Contrast Cards


Newborn flashcards can grow with a baby right from birth.

The engaging images are perfect for babies, but as they get older you can repurpose them for tracing with your finger, with a pen or for playdough! 

Mud Kitchen
Recipe Cards

mud kitchen.jpg

This selection of mud kitchen recipes are perfect for pre-readers.

The clear images and wording help children to recognise letters and words, while the activity itself allows for some fantastic messy mud play!


Shape matching.jpg

Match the shapes to their place on the base board. 

A great way to identify shape and size. Includes multiple stages for various ages and full instructions. 


Activity Cards

Wellness Activities.png

We know that the trials of the last few years have impacted so many peoples mental health. 

This set of resources is designed to bring calm and tranquility, so your little ones can find their own inner peace!

Farm 3
Part Cards

Animal 3 Part Cards.jpg

3 Part Cards are the perfect progressive activity for your child.

They can be used in so many ways and full instructions are provided! 

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