Three Cylinder Puzzle (Montessori)

Three Cylinder Puzzle (Montessori)

This beautiful handcrafted Cylinder Puzzle is a Montessori inspired, size discrimination toy, and is a great progression from our palmar grasp toy at around 12-18 months old.


The puzzle contains three varying diameter cylinders so your child can work at matching each cylinder to it’s corresponding slot, developing their problem-solving, size discrimination, fine-motor skills and concentration.


With only three cylinders and one variable (diameter), this otherwise simple toy is difficult enough to engage your toddler without being so complex that it causes too much frustration. 


This tactile toy is made from solid Beech hardwood, measures 7 x 4.4 x 18 cm  and is sanded to a beautiful silky finish.


  • Natural wood (not oiled or sealed) for their beautifully natural appearance and antimicrobial properties, making them clean and safe for your mouthing babes.
  • Fully CE & UKCA tested, ensuring your children’s safety.
  • Made from locally sourced wood.
  • Ethically made and packaged in environmentally friendly packaging.
  • We aim to keep our environmental impact minimal.


Recommended for ages 12-18 months.


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