Ecoline Maxi Vehicles

Ecoline Maxi Vehicles

These stunning vehicles are not only beauitful in design, but perfect for our planet, too! They are made from sugar canes which bind more carbon dioxide than they produce, making it the perfect choice for sustainable toys and reducing our carbon footprint!


Each vehicle is eco-friendly, non-toxic and entirely kid-powered - perfect for unlimited play opportunities both indoors and outdoors! 


Each vehicle is approximately 14cm in size, making them perfect for toddlers and their little hands. The inviting colours and simplistic design adds educational play value and fosters creativity. All that’s needed for a safe and fun playtime. Perfect for helping children develop their fine motor skills in a playful way, which contributes to better coordination, dexterity, and understanding of cause and effect.


  • Made from renewable resources, sugar canes.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Toxin free
  • 14 cm long vehicles.
  • A perfect choice for sustainable kid powered play from 12 months!
  • Available in 5 different styles.Sold separately.


Choose from: 

  1. Fire engine with ladders
  2. Ambulance 
  3. Loader Truck with scoop on the front. 
  4. Excavator Truck with scoop on the back. 
  5. Dump Truck

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