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Yoto Player VS TonieBox

Updated: Aug 25

Which audio player is the right choice for you and your family?

You may have noticed we recently started stocking Yoto players! Since then we have been inundated with questions asking about the similarities and differences between the Yoto player and the Toniebox. Although we stock the Yoto player, I wanted to do a 100% impartial overview of the two, so that parents can make up their own mind about which one they want to choose, so here we go!

Let’s start with the TonieBox.

The TonieBox comes in a variety of different colours and is padded on all sides, meaning it can withstand those little drops and bumps that are bound to happen with children. It plays audio when you place a little character figure on top. These are really cute and visual so perfect for younger children, especially when they recognise a beloved character such as the Gruffalo. You control the TonieBox by slapping it on either side to move forward and back within the tracks and by pinching the ‘ears’ on top to control volume.

Setup is simple with a free downloadable app which links to your TonieBox. Each TonieBox comes with a ‘creative’ Tonie which is a blank character allowing you to record your own voice or music. This is great to record bedtime stories for your little ones or to record their favourite music.


Padded sides make it feel strong and durable.

  • A range of colour choices.

  • Some familiar characters such as the Gruffalo & Little Red Riding Hood.

  • Figures are attractive and are easy to place on top of the TonieBox.

  • The TonieBox is £10 cheaper than the Yoto Player.

  • The TonieBox is larger than the Yoto Player.


  • The familiar figures can invite little hands to play, meaning they end up lost around the house.

  • Tonie figures are more expensive, typically £15 per figure vs Yoto Players £5.

  • You cannot play audio directly through the speaker without adding it to a Creative Tonie first.

Now let’s move onto the Yoto Player!

The Yoto player is solid and durable meaning it too can withstand the rough and tumble of family life. It has two round buttons on top which are pressed to move for

wards and back between tracks. They can also be turned to control the volume. Instead of figures, the Yoto Player uses cards which look a bit like credit cards. While they aren’t as nice to look at as the Tonie characters, they are significantly cheaper with most coming in at around £5 (compared to £15 for Tonie figures) and are easy to store for travel or moving between rooms.

As with the TonieBox, set up was really simple. The matching app is free to download and can be used to program the editable Yoto Card which comes included in