Why Is Colouring Beneficial For Children?

Earlier this week, Arlo returned home from nursery having painted almost his entire head yellow and - in between wondering what on earth he'd been trying to do - it got me thinking about the benefits of colouring.

Of course, we all know mark-making is an important developmental milestone and the precursor to writing, but it is so much more than that. Colouring can include a huge range of mediums from crayons to felt tips, charcoals, paints and more.

But what skills does colouring help to develop and why is it so important?

Encourages Patience

Colouring is an activity which is perfect for encouraging patience. After all, going from that big sheet of white to a beautiful piece of art takes time. Patience is a skill that must be learnt and colouring is a stress free way to do just that!

Great For Mindfulness & Relaxation