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Stop Scrolling!

Stop Scrolling for Things to Do with the Kids

What if, instead of spending hours of your hard-earned family time scrolling through social media, looking and hoping to find inspiration as to how you can entertain your pint-sized people on a rainy spring afternoon; what if, instead, there was a way for every activity and resource you could possibly need to just be delivered, once a month; ready-to-go, straight to your email inbox.

Oh – wait. There is.

I know, right? Sounds too good to be true. But it’s not; it’s a real thing and I’m going to tell you all about it!

Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, it’s my pleasure to introduce: Catkin Club.

Catkin Club, the brain-child of Catkin Toys owner, Kimberley, is a brand new digital, monthly subscription that takes the hassle out of organising your life around little people.

Think: printable age-appropriate play resources (all themed for that month) and a regularly updated play calendar jam-packed full of easy play ideas; exclusive educational and learning-through-play materials, easy-to-follow home cooking recipes for you and the kids to enjoy; family planners, shopping lists and all the organisational tools you need to keep on top of life. “How To” guides, membership to an exclusive, friendly and like-minded Facebook community, exclusive access to Catkin Toys offers and discounts, first dibs on any new releases, and discount codes for a whole range of other fab small businesses too! Best of all, at the outrageously reasonable price of £3.99, a whole month’s worth of family-friendly resources will only cost you as much as one cheeky lunch-break BLT from Marks and Spencer’s: bargain!

And speaking of a bargain: gorgeous Kimberley is currently (and I mean ‘currently’ because you’ve got to be quick!) running a brilliant sign-up incentive offer: if you sign up to join Catkin Club before 1st April 2022 (and no, this is not an April Fool!) not only do you become a Founding Member getting in on the ground floor and helping to shape the landscape of the subscription, but you’ll also get your subscription at half price - that’s only £1.99 a month, folks, (so, when Superdrug run out of Lateral Flow tests next week and you’re looking for something else to spend that £1.99 on... #justsaying) and what’s more, you’ll only ever pay that price for as long as you subscribe.

I’ve been given an exclusive pre-launch peek inside the Club and I have to say – it genuinely looks absolutely amazing: there’s so much to it and it’s all so versatile; Kimberley has done the most amazing job in putting it all together. I struggle to keep track of my weekly groceries list; I have no idea how she’s managed to create an entire subscription club! Super Woman!

Each activity has been created to have three different levels of difficulty: Circle Level for teeny tiny people, Triangle Level for older babies and toddlers and Square Level for pre-school age and Reception class children, and it’s these kinds of details that, as a mum to two young children who are at very different stages when it comes to learning through play (my Littlest is 17 months and Little Miss will be 5 in June), I really appreciate: I don’t have to set up two completely different activities for them to do, we can all do it together as a family, making age-appropriate tweaks where guided to.

So, I’m in the Club, are you? To register your interest as a Founder Member (and snap up that cheeky £1.99 offer before 1st April 2022) just click HERE!

Until next week!


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