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Montessori Toys & Activities By Age

Updated: May 24

On a regular basis I am asked 'what can I do with my X month old child?' so I thought it would be a good idea to write a blog post about activities and toy ideas by age group.

Each age bracket starts with activity ideas you can do around the home with a few toy ideas underneath. In brackets, you will see a link to purchase items for both the UK and the USA. I am working on building up a database for other countries, too.

There is so much variation between children that it is difficult to narrow down exactly what would be suitable for a 'X month old' child, so please take each category with a pinch of salt and feel free to look both before and after your child's current age, too. Do not worry at all if your child appears to be unable to do something or did it months before - every child is different! Arlo is 2 now and he still loves his stacking rings. He plays with them regularly and has done since he was able to sit up. There is no age limit on anything, really, as long as it is safe.

It is also important to remember that the key is following the child! If they have shown an interest in balancing or stacking then go for that. If they are climbing over everything, maybe go for a pikler or pile of sofa cushions. It is entirely individual to your child, but hopefully you will find some ideas or toys you haven't seen before!

If you have had success with anything that isn't on the list, let me know in the comments box below and I will be sure to add it on!

0-3 Months

Activity ideas

  • Nursery Rhymes – sing songs and nursery rhymes. Your baby will find your voice very soothing.

  • Story time – Read, read, read! It’s never too early to start!

  • Take a tour - walk around the house or garden and talk about everything you can see along the way!

  • Tummy Time – great for strengthening muscles! Use a play mat, tummy time pillow o

r rolled up blanket.

  • Free Time – don’t feel as if you need to constantly entertain your new born. Give them some time to absorb the world around them without the distraction of toys.

  • Outdoor explore – if the weather is appropriate, allow your baby to lie on a play mat outside to see what passes by.

  • Mirror Play – lay a mirror down on the floor next to your baby so that as they play on the floor, they can see their own reflection.

  • Baby Massage – check out a