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Catkin Toys Brand Rep Photo Competition

Okay, okay, let’s start, in the words of Julie Andrews: “at the very beginning, a very good place to start”. What IS a Brand Rep?

A Brand Rep is a social media user who, you guessed it, represents a brand, promoting it, increasing awareness of it, and sharing with their followers exactly what they love about it.

In the case of the people that represent Catkin Toys, we are all parents and early years care-givers, with a genuine belief in the ethos of the company: finding eco-friendly ways to learn and play.

We’re not paid to spout boloney or to con our followers into purchasing something, we all really love the products we feature, because we use them in our own homes and workplaces, with the children that matter to us - and it’s safe to say that we’ve all got a bit of a toy-shopping addiction!

We’re entitled to a discount on our purchases, and we get to offer our followers a discount through the use of our individual rep codes, and that’s about it really!

So, WHAT is a Brand Rep Photo Competition?

A few weeks ago, Lovely Kimberley, who owns and runs Catkin Toys and Gifts, asked all her reps to each submit a photo, featuring at least one of her products, based on the theme/concept: “Prehistoric”.

With an entry deadline of 20th February, Kimberley explained that on the 21st, she would post the photos on the Catkin Instagram page, asking the public to vote for their favourite and in doing so, decide a winner!

So, each rep got to work creating their interpretation of “Prehistoric” and sent their photo off to Kimberley. Now, the Scrummie Sundays blog can give you an exclusive first look at the entries, before they go live and the public voting begins tomorrow!

And here they are!

Aren’t they fab? It just goes to show that even with everyone following the same theme, we’ve all interpreted the theme differently and have all come up with very different ideas.

We’ve got volcanoes, and fossil digs; dinosaurs and mammoths. Messy play, sensory play, bookish play and flat-lays. Small worlds and big stories, toys out-and-about and open-ended loose parts. What a plethora of inspiration!

A lot of the reps have used the same Tender Leaf T-Rex dinosaur in their set-ups; can you, or your little ones, spot him? Brownie points if you can count how many times he appears!

You can vote for your favourite when Catkin Toys’ post goes live tomorrow. If you’ve been inspired by these fab competition entries and fancy trying your hand at your own “prehistoric” set-up, then do tag @catkintoys so we can see, we love to see how you play! Do you have the Tender Leaf T-Rex? Can you use him in a play set-up?

Have a fab remainder of the weekend; I hope – if you’re UK-based – that you and yours have battened down the hatches and are able to safely to see out the rest of Storm Eunice’s antics!

Until next weekend!



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